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  • How do I bring a guest?

    How do I bring a guest?

    Our guest booking feature lets you book a class for someone else with no hassle! 

    Credits & Memberships with the Guest Booking feature:

    • All class credit packages (Book a guest with your available class credits)
    • Monthly Unlimited (1 guest pass per month)
    • 1-Year Unlimited (1 guest pass per month)
    • Student Unlimited (1 guest pass per month)
    • Ultimate Unlimited (2 guest passes per month)

    How to book a guest:

    • After booking yourself for a class, go back into the class and pick the spot you’d like to book for your guest.
    • If you have an eligible credit or membership, the system will automatically show it as “pay with” (see screenshot below).
    • If you do not have an eligible credit or membership, you’ll be prompted to “Buy a credit or membership” (see screenshot below).
    • Once purchased you can continue to create the reservation for your guest by inserting their email address.

    What does your guest do when they arrive at the studio?

    • If your guest is new, ask them arrive 15 minutes before class so we can get them signed in, give a tour, and set them up before class starts.
    • A new guest will also be asked to create an account and sign the waiver on the studio iPad.
    • If they are not new, your guest can come into the studio for class as usual!
  • A monthly membership perk you don’t want to miss!

    Monthly membership perk! Purchase a 5 credit pack at 30% off with any active membership.

    Why? If you run out of credits you can use them to bridge the gap until your monthly credits renew. Or, use them for more guests!  Enter promo code 5PACK at checkout and get a 5 credit pack for $67.20.

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  • Everything you need to know about TIEM Cycling Shoes

    Wearing a good pair of cycling shoes will provide the best ride experience for your class. At Rebel Ride, we sell TIEM cycle shoes, which are offered in a variety of colors and are very comfortable. Here’s the best part…we do all the work! Just pick out your size and color and we’ll do the rest. You won’t pay for shipping and we will install SPD the cleats properly, so you’re ready to ride! 

    How do I order them?

    We typically place one order at the beginning of each month. Just place the order at the front desk, or give us a call. 

    How does the sizing work?

    Slipstream (Cycling) – The Slipstream is a performance cycling shoe that doesn’t sacrifice the style and comfort of your favorite pair of sneakers. With its breathable mesh toe box, slip-on construction, and single-strap closure system, it’s the most comfortable shoe you’ll ever wear to class. Available in women’s whole and half sizes 5-12, and a few styles in size 13. Men’s whole and half sizes 8-13. (No 12.5 in W or M)

    Via (Cycling) – The Via applies the DNA of the Slipstream to an outdoor-ready silhouette that’s built for exploration beyond the studio. With details like durable, weather-resistant uppers, a rugged rubber outsole, and an adjustable quick-lock toggle lacing system, the Via is designed for wherever or however you ride. Available in women’s whole and half sizes 5-12.

    A snug fit is recommended for cycling, and TIEMS will stretch slightly as you wear and break them in. TIEM suggests sizing down 1/2 size from your sneaker size, however trying them on in the studio first is best. 

    Color availability is also subject to change based on your size and limited edition styles.  Please have a couple of colors in mind before ordering.

  • Rebel Ride Studio Tour 🙂

    Welcome to Rebel Ride!

    The amenities at Rebel Ride are the icing on the cake! Click the video below to see a quick tour of our studio with our studio manager, Angela 🙌

  • Rebel Rewards = Free Stuff

    Don’t miss out…REWARD YOURSELF!

    It’s all in the Rebel Ride APP! Earning points is easy…get rewarded for what you’re already doing. Book a class – POINTS! Take a class – POINTS! Birthday – 100 POINTS! Refer a friend – 250 POINTS! You get the point 🙂

  • What is FTP?

    What is FTP?

    Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the highest average watts a rider can maintain for 60 minutes. A 3 minute test is a snapshot of that effort, therefore your results are calculated at 80% of your average watts.

    If you’re familiar with our Remix and Power Rides, you know we always do a 3 minute FTP test to determine your “Functional Threshold Power.”

    We conduct FTP tests in Power and Remix Rides during classes on the 1st-7th of each month.

    FTP is an all-out effort to produce your best power, measured in watts. After the test, your FTP number is considered your threshold (100%) and helps to determine your training zones, as represented in the color chart. These zones become personalized to you, so that you can better determine your level of intensity. 

    As with any type of exercise, your results will fluctuate depending on how you are feeling that day. Measurable improvements can’t be identified unless the test is done with at least 1 month in between.

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the benefits of FTP! You can email!