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Get ready to feel the beat and ride to incredible playlists in our immersive cycle studio environment. You’ll ride to the rhythm and feel like you’re at a dance party with fun, upper body choreo movements. This high-energy class also incorporates a brief hand weight section to sculpt your arms, shoulders, chest and back. You’ll use your own inner gauge for intensity, without metrics, but still receive your “stats” in an email after class.

This class combines the best of our PURE RHYTHM and PURE POWER rides to seamlessly blend rhythmic riding with power drills to help elevate a new level of fitness. On screen metrics are used while primarily riding to the beat. Most Remix Rides incorporate an arm song.

A traditional “road-style” ride with a focus on power metrics. This class will have you conquering hills and flats while using on-screen leaderboards and power zones to fuel your competitive spirit. Note, you can always opt out of being on the screen! After class, you’ll receive your results via email. You can also take a deeper dive into your stats in your account, and really track your progress!